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Wakuwaku Life Church

About Us:私たちに関しては:

Eugene and Fiona are ordained Pastors with the ACC , and they have both completed cross-cultural missions training courses.

Fiona has a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and an Advanced Diploma of Ministry through Hillsong.

ユージと フィオナは、ACC の牧師に叙階されており、両方とも異文化宣教のトレーニング コースを修了しています。


Eugene has a Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Certificate in Theology through Harvest Bible College. Eugene has also studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne University in opera performance and singing.


Both Eugene and Fiona served in Japan for a number of years prior to their marriage, Fiona as a field worker with ACCIM in Kyoto and Eugene with the Jesus Lifehouse Church in Tokyo. 



Our Vision:私たちのビジョン:

To see everyone we know, experience God powerfully and dynamically, who can then love God and people around them passionately, making disciples of Jesus. We want people to live the powerful and purposeful life God has for them, to create meaningful relationships that change our communities, nation and the world.



Our History:私たちの歴史:


WakuWaku Life Church is building on the Japanese Chrictian tradion - since 1549. WakuWaku Life Church started as a house church plant by Eugene and Fiona Gebert in January 2017. On the 15th October 2017, they moved into their first purposed church building -Ueda Daiichi Building in Nakasukawabata. Let’s write our future history here. What part will you write?

わくわくLife Churchは、1549年以来、日本のキリシアスの伝統に建てられています。ワクワク生命教会は、2017年1月にユージーンとフィオナ・ゲーベルトによって家の教会工場として始まりました.2017年10月15日、彼らは最初の目的の教会 - 中洲川端にあります。私たちの将来の歴史をここに書きましょう。どの部分を書くのですか?





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