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Wakuwaku Life Church

Eugene & Fiona Gebert ユージーン&フィオナ・ゲーベルト



Eugene and Fiona Gebert planted WakuWaku Life church in January 2017. Both have been heavily committed in various church ministries for many years. Eugene and Fiona are credentialed pastors with ACC Australia (formerly AOG Australia) and are recognised as missionaries to Japan through ACC International Missions. As senior pastors of WakuWaku Life Church, they want to see healthy churches planted and grown all around Japan.

ユージーンとフィオナは2017年1月にわくわくLife Churchを開設しました。彼らは長年にわたり様々な教会省で非常に献身的でした。ユージーンとフィオナは、ACCオーストラリア(以前はAOGオーストラリア)の信任牧師であり、ACCインターナショナル・ミッションを通じて日本の宣教師として認められています。ワクワク生命教会の上級牧師として、健康な教会が日本全土に植えられ、成長しているのを見たいと思っています。


Where to find us:

Wakuwaku Life Church is a church that provides an exciting, family environment for people.

わくわくLife Churchは、人々に刺激的な家族の環境を提供する教会です。


To experience and demonstrate
God's amazing love





To continue to grow to become more like God in character, power & authority



To bring others into relationship with God and His people in a fun way








Sundays 4.00pm 



We are located with Japanese Christian Churches (JCC) in the Ueda Daiichi Building - 〒812-0023 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Narayamachi, 5−18-201

 わくわくLife Church - 毎週日曜日の午前10時30分 - 上田第一ビル - 〒812-0023, 福岡県福岡市博多区奈良屋町5-18-201

 From Nakasukawabata Station: Take exit 7, then turn left and walk to Showa street. Cross Showa street and turn right. Walk along Showa street until you come to Fukuoka bank. Turn left. In about fifty meters Ueda Daiichi Building is on the left, opposite Hakata Elementary School.


From Gofukumachi station take exit 2 or 6. Walk along Taihaku Street towards Showa street. Cross over Showa street and turn left - walk along Showa street until you come to the Fukuoka Bank and turn right. In about fifty meters Ueda Daiichi Building is on the left, opposite Hakata Elementary School.



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